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Canine Knee Surgery

Willits Veterinary Hospital – Basalt & Glenwood Springs is proud to offer the Tightrope Implant Procedure (Arthrex Tight Rope extra-capsular technique) for repair of the canine knee following rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament. Stabilizing the canine knee following partial or complete rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament is the most commonly indicated orthopedic procedure performed on the canine hind limb.

The instability that results from rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament causes arthritis, results in meniscal injuries and diminished mobility. Unlike older extracapsular approaches to knee stabilization, the Tight Rope implant utilizes rigid bone to bone fixation and fixed isometric points in order to maximize joint stability and range of motion.

The Tight Rope implant is 2.5X stronger than older nylon implants and provides superior abrasion and stretch resistance. During your consultation, Dr. Kuck will discuss all of your surgical options including referral to a surgical facility for one of many other techniques used to repair the canine knee. All candidates for knee surgery should be taken on a case by case basis and an appropriate treatment selected by you and your veterinarian.

Following your pet’s postoperative CT exam to confirm proper implant placement, recovery from your dog’s knee surgery involves approximately 12 weeks of rehabilitation. Complete rehabilitation information is provided at the time of discharge and all of the follow-up care can be provided by the staff at Willits Veterinary Hospital – Basalt & Glenwood Springs. Complication rates associated with the Tight Rope procedure are comparable to other knee surgery techniques and the advantages include lower cost, less invasive and greater convenience.

Clinical outcomes from Tight Rope implant surgery are similar to TPLO in 6 month retrospective studies. Contact Willits Veterinary Hospital – Basalt & Glenwood Springs today for more information regarding the Tight Rope procedure or any other surgical services provided at our facility.

Patient safety and comfort is our main priority. Willits Veterinary Hospital – Basalt & Glenwood Springs’s experienced veterinary anesthesiologists provide skilled pain management during and after all surgical procedures, ensuring your pet recovers quickly and with minimum discomfort.

Our veterinary team will walk you through the entire process, giving you the tools to make informed decisions regarding your pet’s treatment options. We understand surgery is a stressful time for any owner, and we’re available every step of the way to answer questions and put your mind at ease.

Veterinary Surgery in Basalt and Glenwood Springs, CO

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