Safe Skiing With Dogs

One of the most popular wintertime activities here in the Roaring Fork Valley is alpine touring and naturally we like to bring our dogs with us to enjoy time outside and exercise.

Though we want to share the snowy adventure with our pets, the sharp edges on skis and snowboards that let us cut fresh tracks in the snow can be potentially dangerous for our four legged friends.

Each year dogs sustain cuts from skis when they excitedly weave in front of their owners as they head down the mountain. These cuts are typically to the outside of the lower leg where tendons and nerves live just below the skin’s surface. Cuts to tendons, nerves and large bloods vessels are very serious and require emergency veterinary care for the patient. If you do ski with your dog, an emergency bandaging kit is an important consideration as well as understanding how to use it.  This would be helpful for controlling bleeding and covering a wound until emergency care can be administered. All cuts should be carefully examined for more extensive damage to important deeper structures. Be safe, have fun and remember to be prepared for the unexpected!

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